99 Names Of Allah

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99 Names Of Allah

When it comes to Islamic religion, the idea of the 99 Names of Allah is very important. These names, which are also written as Asma-ul-Husna in Arabic, include all of God’s different features and traits. These verses give a deep understanding of Allah’s many sides, creating a rich fabric for Muslims to think about and get spiritual food from.

Each name opens up new levels of Allah’s kindness, wisdom, power, and majesty that help us understand who He is. These names, like “the compassionate and the merciful” and “the just and the all-knowing,” tell followers all the time that Allah is all-powerful and all-present.


99 Names Of Allah With Meaning And Description

  1. الله (Allah) – The One and Only God, the Supreme Being, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.
  2. الرحمن (Ar-Rahman) – The Most Merciful, the Compassionate, who bestows mercy upon all creatures.
  3. الرحیم (Ar-Rahim) – The Most Gracious, the Merciful, who shows compassion and forgiveness to His servants.
  4. الملک (Al-Malik) – The Sovereign Lord, the King of all kings, who possesses ultimate authority and dominion.
  5. القدوس (Al-Quddus) – The Holy, the Pure, who is free from any imperfection or flaw.
  6. السلام (As-Salam) – The Peace, the Source of Peace and Harmony, who grants tranquility to the hearts of believers.
  7. المؤمن (Al-Mu’min) – The Faithful, the Guardian of Faith, who provides security and protection to His followers.
  8. المهيمن (Al-Muhaymin) – The Guardian, the Protector, who watches over all creation with care and vigilance.
  9. العزیز (Al-Aziz) – The Mighty, the Almighty, who possesses ultimate power and strength.
  10. الجبار (Al-Jabbar) – The Compeller, the Irresistible, who imposes His will and decrees upon the universe.
  11. المتکبر (Al-Mutakabbir) – The Majestic, the Supreme, who is exalted above all creation in His greatness.
  12. الخالق (Al-Khaliq) – The Creator, the Maker, who brings into existence everything out of nothingness.
  13. البارئ (Al-Bari’) – The Evolver, the Fashioner, who designs and shapes every living being with perfection.
  14. المصور (Al-Musawwir) – The Fashioner of Forms, the Shaper of Beauty, who creates all things in perfect proportion.
  15. الغفار (Al-Ghaffar) – The Forgiving, the Absolver, who pardons sins and grants forgiveness to His repentant servants.
  16. القهار (Al-Qahhar) – The Subduer, the Dominant, who overpowers and triumphs over all things.
  17. الوهاب (Al-Wahhab) – The Bestower, the Giver of Gifts, who grants blessings and favors abundantly.
  18. الرزاق (Ar-Razzaq) – The Provider, the Sustainer, who supplies sustenance and provisions to all creatures.
  19. الفتاح (Al-Fattah) – The Opener, the Revealer, who opens doors of opportunity and grants success to His servants.
  20. العلیم (Al-‘Alim) – The All-Knowing, the Omniscient, who has perfect knowledge of all things, past, present, and future.
  21. القابض (Al-Qabid) – The Restrainer, the Withholder, who controls and limits sustenance and provisions according to His wisdom.
  22. الباسط (Al-Basit) – The Extender, the Expander, who grants abundance and ease to His servants.
  23. الخافض (Al-Khafid) – The Abaser, the Humiliator, who lowers and debases whomever He wills.
  24. الرافع (Ar-Rafi’) – The Exalter, the Elevator, who raises and uplifts whomever He wills to high ranks.
  25. المعز (Al-Mu’izz) – The Bestower of Honor, the Giver of Dignity, who grants respect and honor to His servants.
  26. المذل (Al-Mudhill) – The Humiliator, the Degrader, who humiliates and debases whomever He wills.
  27. السميع (As-Sami’) – The All-Hearing, the Hearer of Prayers, who listens attentively to the supplications of His servants.
  28. البصير (Al-Basir) – The All-Seeing, the Seer of All Things, who observes everything, visible and invisible.
  29. الحکم (Al-Hakam) – The Judge, the Arbitrator, whose judgments are just and perfect.
  30. العدل (Al-‘Adl) – The Just, the Equitable, who acts with fairness and impartiality in all matters.
  31. اللطيف (Al-Latif) – The Subtle, the Kind, who deals with His servants in a gentle and gracious manner.
  32. الخبير (Al-Khabir) – The All-Aware, the Knower of All Things, who has perfect knowledge of the innermost secrets of His creation.
  33. الحليم (Al-Halim) – The Forbearing, the Clement, who shows patience and tolerance towards His disobedient servants.
  34. العظيم (Al-‘Azim) – The Magnificent, the Great, whose majesty and glory are beyond human comprehension.
  35. الغفور (Al-Ghafur) – The All-Forgiving, the Forgiver of Sins, who pardons and overlooks the faults of His servants.
  36. الشكور (Ash-Shakur) – The Appreciative, the Thankful, who rewards even the smallest good deed with abundant blessings.
  37. العلي (Al-‘Ali) – The Most High, the Exalted, who is above all creation in His glory and majesty.
  38. الكبير (Al-Kabir) – The Greatest, the Supreme, whose greatness and grandeur are beyond compare.
  39. الحفيظ (Al-Hafiz) – The Preserver, the Protector, who safeguards His creation from harm and destruction.
  40. المقيت (Al-Muqit) – The Nourisher, the Sustainer, who provides sustenance and nourishment to all living beings.
  41. الحسيب (Al-Hasib) – The Reckoner, the Accounter, who takes His servants to account with justice and fairness.
  42. الجليل (Al-Jalil) – The Majestic, the Glorious, whose greatness and majesty inspire awe and reverence.
  43. الكريم (Al-Karim) – The Generous, the Noble, who bestows His bounties and favors upon His creation generously.
  44. الرقيب (Ar-Raqib) – The Watchful, the Observer, who observes and watches over His creation at all times.
  45. المجيب (Al-Mujib) – The Responsive, the Answerer of Prayers, who responds to the supplications of His servants.
  46. الواسع (Al-Wasi’) – The Vast, the All-Encompassing, whose mercy and generosity encompass all things.
  47. الحكيم (Al-Hakim) – The Wise, the All-Wise, whose decisions and decrees are based on perfect wisdom.
  48. الودود (Al-Wadud) – The Loving, the Affectionate, who loves His creation with boundless compassion and mercy.
  49. المجيد (Al-Majid) – The Glorious, the Majestic, whose glory and splendor are beyond description.
  50. الباعث (Al-Ba’ith) – The Resurrector, the Raiser of the Dead, who will raise mankind from the dead on the Day of Judgment.
  51. الشهيد (Ash-Shahid) – The Witness, the Observer, who bears witness to all deeds and actions of His creation.
  52. الحق (Al-Haqq) – The Truth, the Real, who is the ultimate reality and the source of all truth.
  53. الوكيل (Al-Wakil) – The Trustee, the Dependable, who is entrusted with the affairs of His creation.
  54. القوي (Al-Qawiyy) – The Strong, the Mighty, who possesses ultimate strength and power.
  55. المتين (Al-Matin) – The Firm, the Steadfast, who is unshakeable and unwavering in His decrees.
  56. الولي (Al-Wali) – The Protector, the Friend, who takes His righteous servants under His protection and guidance.
  57. الحميد (Al-Hamid) – The Praiseworthy, the Commendable, who deserves all praise and gratitude.
  58. المحصي (Al-Muhsi) – The Reckoner, the Counter, who counts and enumerates all things accurately.
  59. المبدئ (Al-Mubdi’) – The Originator, the Beginner, who brings forth creation from non-existence.
  60. المعيد (Al-Mu’id) – The Restorer, the Reproducer, who brings back to life the dead on the Day of Judgment.
  61. المحيي (Al-Muhyi) – The Giver of Life, the Restorer of Life, who gives life to all living beings.
  62. المميت (Al-Mumit) – The Taker of Life, the Bringer of Death, who causes death to all living beings.
  63. الحي (Al-Hayy) – The Living, the Ever-Living, who possesses eternal and everlasting life.
  64. القيوم (Al-Qayyum) – The Self-Subsisting, the Sustainer of All, who sustains all creation without need of assistance.
  65. الواجد (Al-Wajid) – The Finder, the Discoverer, who finds and fulfills the needs of His servants.
  66. الماجد (Al-Majid) – The Noble, the Glorious, whose majesty and grandeur are beyond comprehension.
  67. الواحد (Al-Wahid) – The Unique, the One and Only, who has no equal or partner.
  68. الأحد (Al-Ahad) – The One, the Indivisible, who is unique in His essence and attributes.
  69. الصمد (As-Samad) – The Eternal, the Absolute, who is eternal and self-sufficient.
  70. القادر (Al-Qadir) – The Able, the Capable, who has the power to do all things.
  71. المقتدر (Al-Muqtadir) – The All-Powerful, the Dominant, who has absolute power and control over all things.
  72. المقدم (Al-Muqaddim) – The Expediter, the Promoter, who advances the causes of His servants.
  73. المؤخر (Al-Mu’akhkhir) – The Delayer, the Postponer, who delays and postpones according to His wisdom.
  74. الأول (Al-Awwal) – The First, the Beginningless, who has no beginning and is the origin of all things.
  75. الآخر (Al-Akhir) – The Last, the Endless, who has no end and will remain after all else has perished.
  76. الظاهر (Az-Zahir) – The Manifest, the Evident, whose existence and attributes are manifest in His creation.
  77. الباطن (Al-Batin) – The Hidden, the Inner, whose essence and attributes are hidden from human perception.
  78. الوالي (Al-Wali) – The Patron, the Supporter, who guides and protects His righteous servants.
  79. المتعالي (Al-Muta’ali) – The Most High, the Exalted, who is above all creation in His greatness.
  80. البر (Al-Barr) – The Good, the Kind, who shows goodness and kindness to His creation.
  81. التواب (At-Tawwab) – The Acceptor of Repentance, the Forgiver, who accepts the repentance of His servants.
  82. المنتقم (Al-Muntaqim) – The Avenger, the Punisher, who exacts retribution upon His enemies.
  83. العفو (Al-‘Afuww) – The Pardoner, the Forgiver, who pardons and overlooks the faults of His servants.
  84. الرؤوف (Ar-Ra’uf) – The Compassionate, the Kind, who shows compassion and mercy to His creation.
  85. مالك الملك (Malik al-Mulk) – The Owner of Sovereignty, the Possessor of Dominion, who owns and controls all things.
  86. ذو الجلال والإكرام (Dhu’l-Jalal wa’l-Ikram) – The Lord of Majesty and Honor, who is majestic and honorable in His attributes.
  87. المقسط (Al-Muqsit) – The Equitable, the Just, who acts with fairness and justice in all matters.
  88. الجامع (Al-Jami’) – The Gatherer, the Uniter, who gathers all things together in His wisdom.
  89. الغني (Al-Ghani) – The Self-Sufficient, the Rich, who is free from all needs and wants.
  90. المغني (Al-Mughni) – The Enricher, the Bestower of Wealth, who enriches His servants with His blessings.
  91. المانع (Al-Mani’) – The Preventer, the Withholder, who prevents harm and adversity from reaching His servants.
  92. الضار (Ad-Darr) – The Afflictor, the Harmful, who afflicts and tests His creation with trials and tribulations.
  93. النافع (An-Nafi’) – The Benefactor, the Source of Benefit, who bestows blessings and favors upon His servants.
  94. النور (An-Nur) – The Light, the Illuminator, who guides His servants out of darkness into light.
  95. الهادي (Al-Hadi) – The Guide, the Leader, who guides His servants to the straight path.
  96. البديع (Al-Badi’) – The Incomparable, the Originator of Beauty, who creates with perfect artistry and creativity.
  97. الباقي (Al-Baqi) – The Everlasting, the Eternal, who remains after all else has perished.
  98. الوارث (Al-Warith) – The Inheritor, the Heir, who inherits all things and remains after the passing of His creation.
  99. الرشيد (Ar-Rashid) – The Guide to the Right Path, the Rightly Guided, who shows His servants the path of righteousness and truth.

As we come to the end of this introduction to the 99 Names of Allah, let us remember what we have learned and how it has helped us. We hope that the trip we are on brings us constant growth, spiritual awakening, and thought.

As we think about the holy qualities that these names contain, let us try to live our lives in line with their values. Let kindness lead our relationships, mercy soften our hearts, and fairness decide what we do. May knowledge show us the way and patience help us stay strong when things get hard.

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