Hurain Name Meaning In Urdu

Hurain Name Meaning In Urdu

Hurain is a Muslim girl’s name that can mean more than one thing. The best Hurain name meaning is “Name Of Hazrat Fatima,” and in Urdu, it means “حضرت فاطمہ کا نام.” The name comes from Arabic.

Hurain Name details In Urdu

English NameHurain
معنیحضرت فاطمہ کا نام
Lucky Number2
Compatible Daysبدھ, جمعہ, ہفتہ
Compatible Colorsکالا, نیلا, سرمئ
Compatible Metalsلوہا

Lucky Number, Days, Colors For Hurain Name

Numerology Prediction says that the lucky number for people with the name Hurain is 2. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are lucky days for people with the Hurain name. For people with the name Hurain, black, blue, and gray are lucky colors.

People with the name Hurain can choose the garnet as their lucky stone, but iron is the lucky metal for this name. This page shows both the correct and incorrect ways to spell the Hurain name. This page has the meanings of the name Hurain in both English and Urdu. On this page, you can see a list of well-known people with the name Hurain. Here you can find all the newest and most popular Islamic baby names.

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