Zimal Name Meaning in Urdu: A Beautiful Islamic Name

Zimal Name Meaning in Urdu

Zimal, a name with Islamic and Arabic roots, carries a profound and positive meaning in Urdu. This unique and attractive name is beloved by Muslim parents, especially for their daughters. In this article, we’ll delve into the beauty and significance of the name Zimal, exploring its length, meaning, and cultural context.

Zimal’s Name Meaning In Urdu:

Meaning in Urduپردہ (Cover or Curtain)
Lucky Number7
Religious SignificanceCommon in Islam
Alternate MeaningAdornment or Decoration (Arabic)
Notable PersonalitiesZimal Fatima (Pediatrician)
Name Length5 alphabets

Zimal’s Meaning Revealed:

In Urdu, Zimal means “پردہ” which translates to “cover” or “curtain” in English. Another interpretation is “Large item of clothing.” The name Zimal holds a deep connection with the concept of safeguarding and protection. It is derived from the Arabic word “zimmah,” which implies “protection” or “safeguard.” This association reflects the name’s symbolism of safety and guardianship.

The Religious Significance Zimal’s Name:

Zimal is a name with a strong religious connotation, making it a popular choice among Muslim parents. While the Quran doesn’t specifically mention the name Zimal, it does contain the word “zimmah,” which means “protection” or “safeguard.” This term emphasizes the responsibility of Muslims to protect and ensure the safety of those under their care, including the rights to life, property, and religious freedom.

Numerology and Zimal:

According to numerology, the lucky number for Zimal is 7. The number seven is often associated with luck and spirituality in many cultures. This adds an extra layer of significance to the name.

Zimal in the Islamic World:

Zimal is a relatively common name among Muslims, especially for girls. Its elegant and feminine sound resonates with many parents. In Arabic, the name Zimal can also be translated as “adornment” or “decoration,” reflecting its beauty and charm.

Notable Personalities:

While Zimal is a relatively uncommon name, it has a beautiful and meaningful essence. There might not be famous individuals with the name Zimal, but some people with the last name Zimal have made significant contributions in their respective fields. For example, Zimal Fatima, a pediatrician from Pakistan, is renowned for her work in pediatrics.


Zimal, a name rooted in Islamic and Arabic tradition, carries a profound and beautiful meaning in Urdu. Its connection to safeguarding and protection serves as a reminder of the duty of Muslims to ensure the safety and well-being of those under their care. The lucky number 7 adds an element of spirituality and wisdom to this already significant name. While it may not be widely known, Zimal is a unique and special choice for parents seeking a meaningful and beautiful name for their child.

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